Family members are subjected to the grandfather’s order, who insists in practicing martial arts every morning

YEGAM COMPANY – Comic consulting

2000: Yllana presents 666 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Another theatre company from Korea presents Cooking, a show that will reach the Off Broadway theatres. They see 666 and fall in love with our show.

2005: Cooking’s director creates a new company: Ye Gam. They want to bring Jump to the international stage. Jump is a show that combines martial arts and physical comedy together. His goal is to make the show accessible for the Western public, improving its structure and its comedy. They remember having seen 666 and call us.


Ye Gam was created in Seul in 2001. Ye Gam is the first Asian entertaining theatre company using martial arts and acrobatics. Ye Gam supports the Arts Martial Theatre for people of all ages and cultures.


 … a very peculiar family from Seul, Corea ….. really crazy, but after all it is always a family.

Family members are subjected to the grandfather’s order, who insists in practicing martial arts every morning, Sundays included. A daughter marries, an unexpected visit, and two silly thieves try to rob the house. The choreography is original, a mix of martial arts and acrobatics, that gives the public the feeling of something they have never experienced.

JUMP is a family where every member is an expert in martial arts.

Grandfather.  He is a master of all the ancient fighting arts. He practices every day and he likes traditional values. His ability is breathtaking.

Uncle: A master. His actions are really impressive. He always brings with him a bottle of whisky. His personality is surprising and his acrobatics are simply gorgeous. Thanks to his performances he won the Jackie Chan’s award.

Father: His goal is keeping the family together according to his father’s will. He already won nine times the Royal Kim Chi Chopping award and he will try to get it next year again.

Mother: She won three times the mother-in-law Martial Arts Championship. She dominates the father in every sense and she considers herself the stronger sex.

Daughter: She is as strong as her mother but a bit posh since she is always brushing her hair and filing her nails. She never stops doing frontal and lateral flicks.

Son-in-law: An intellectual with great knowledge in the arts but with two personalities like Superman. He is our handsome hero.

Burglars: Well, what can we say? Clumsy in the wrong house at the wrong time…