Florida Retiro Dinner Show

3rd season for the show created by Yllana on Fridays and Saturdays night at Florida Retiro

Created and directed by Yllana para Florida Retiro.

Script by Alex O’Dogherty.

Florida Retiro Dinner Show is a show created by Yllana for the Florida Retiro running on Fridays and Saturdays night.

This is the third season with the actor and comedian Alex O’Dogherty as MC. Together with his band La Bizarrería he selected the emblematic stage of the Florida Retiro to seduce the audience with his music and his particular humour. O’Dogherty will be followed by the amazing Alicia Lobo as next MC.

Destiny is the leitmotiv of this new show and the story tells about the mystery, opportunities and the chance you have got to change it according to the public’s wishes.

As usual in the Florida Retiro’s shows, this new one includes many spectacular performances, live music and of course a lot of humour.

Florida Retiro Dinner Show was a real sensory experience for the people who attended this venue, so popular in the past where some legendary Spanish TV programmes with José María Íñigo and Concha Velasco had been recorded.

Last but not least you could enjoy some delicious gastronomic creations by Iván Cerdeño. This chef has been awarded one Michelin star for his restaurant El Carmen de Montesión in Toledo.

Florida Retiro Dinner Show started last year on October 19th and enlightened Madrid’s weekend nights until June 2019.