Black Comedy

A young sculptor thinks that tonight will be legendary for his artistic career: an elderly millionaire art collector is coming to view his work. Finally his work will be discovered.

Version and Direction:  YLLANA (Joe O’Curneen)

Executive producers:  Verteatro / Smedia

A young sculptor thinks that tonight will be legendary for his artistic career: an elderly millionaire art collector is coming to view his work. Finally his work will be discovered.

His girlfriend thinks that tonight will be legendary for their love story: she has convinced her father, an elderly and severe Colonel, to meet her fiancée, a promising young artist. Finally love will come into her life…

To impress them they have to do something risky like borrowing some expensive, antique furniture from the neighbor’s flat without his permission. So everyone will appreciate his good taste.

What could happen if it happens something unexpected? Who knows? Maybe a BLACKOUT? Or an indiscrete neighbour who suddenly comes for a visit? A neighbour anticipating his come back?

The drama in this comedy is based on a simple play: when the power fails, actors are still able to see… which is not possible for the public. And when the power comes back, the audience can see but the actors are blind.

The play goes on in an apparent darkness and while the characters act gropingly…

Will it be possible to settle down in the darkness?

Could someone be able to do it better than YLLANA?


  • GABINO DIEGO – Brindsley
  • PACO CHURRUCA – Coronel
  • AURORA SÁNCHEZ – Miss Furnival
  • DIEGO MOLERO – Harold
  • RAMÓN MERLO – Schuppanzingh
  • Executive production: Verteatro, Smedia
  • Set design: Anna TUSELL
  • Lighting design: Juanjo LLORENS
  • Wardrobe: Anna TUSELL y Felype R. DE LIMA
  • Set produced by: MAMBO Decorados
  • Direction: YLLANA

“Gabino Diego and Yllana venture to “THE BLACKOUT COMEDY”, a metaphorical play about the blindness of the sighted people.
This is what Joe O’Courneen (YLLANA), artistic director, for whom The Blackout Comedy is the only crazy comedy written by Shaffer (famous for other works like “Equus” or “Amadeus”).
In his opinion “The Blackout Comedy” is really peculiar since it is about the play witnessed by the audience when the power fails in the actors’ house. Even if the public is able to see the actors, the actors pretend they cannot see them, that is, it is the opposite of the usual situation.
This is one of the biggest challenges of this comedy for the actors that oblige them to keep the rhythm, the tension and to act by working with their body.
The casting includes: Eva Santolaria, Aurora Sánchez, Diego Molero, Paco Churruca, Ramón Merlo and Ana Aria.
The artistic director as well as Diego and Santolaria think that this play aims at entertaining and enjoying us. Gabino Diego has no doubt: it is a show to laugh in an intelligent way.
Joe O’Courneen considers that any other reading but the entertaining one would be wrong. “It is a big farce with ambiguities and lies”, he says, reminding us that Shaffer was keeping this play in a drawer of his desk and that he was asked to write it to answer one of Ibsen’s dramas. “For us, a company like Yllana, this is a master piece”.
Yllana has done some changes in the text that affect the final for instance. At the same time there are some changes in the order of appearance because the author made the actors disappear through a trapdoor while ‘Yllana decided to create a set like “13 Rúe del Percebe” with different apartments where the actors wander around’. ‘We have created fast-paced actions that didn’t exist before.’ explains O’Courneen.
Gabino Diego says that this gives an Yllana style and a strong personality to this new version of The Blackout Comedy. The director also reminds us that the character of this comedy goes beyond certain limits even if ‘we weighted well up the humour offered by this play.’, .”

-Europa press-