Artistic Direction

We design original proposals full of creativity for your event.

Temptation. Celebrating Madrid

4th run for the dinner show created by Yllana for the Florida Retiro. An international show with live music, amazing voices, stunning acrobats flying over a surprised audience and, of course, full of humor, Yllana’s main feature.

Florida Retiro Dinner Show

3rd season for the show created by Yllana on Fridays and Saturdays night at Florida Retiro.With many spectacular performances, live music and a lot of humour.


Yllana and Nancho Novo join together to create a crazy, insane and funny version of Ben-Hur, from the epic movie of 1959.

We love Queen

A tribute to the legendary British band full of energy and good music.

The Look

An universal dinner show. On Fridays and Saturdays “The Look” challenges the night of Madrid.

Pandora Nights

A 5 sense experience at Florida Retiro. Open the can of worms to enter a dreaming world, Challenge the Madrilenian night with a big party that you will never forget.


MAYUMANA has chosen the music of ESTOPA, the renowned and highly-successful Spanish band responsable for creating the perfect blend between rock and rumba – to provide the soundtrack for the storyline of this new show.


Solo is Arturo Brachetti´s new show. He is now the best quick-change artist in the world, with a “gallery” of over 350 characters. It´s included in the Guiness Book of Records.

El Club Havana 7. Historias que cuentan

A night like no other, exclusive, very special in which journalism and the theatre give one another a hand in a shaken but not stirred way, to give us a perfect cocktail with the best experiences of the greatest storytellers.

Nano Cabaret

A crazy musical cabaret that revolves around the world of the woman and the search for true love. A show full of songs, humour and a lot of sentiments.

luna the show

An escape from this earthly mediocrity that wraps us with an original erotic show full of humour, sensuality and mapping technology.

Trágala, Trágala

A contemporary farce where humour and the capacity of laughing at one’s self is the way to understand so much of the Spanish history like it is; actually, socially, politically and culturally, which dramatically affects all the citizens.

La novia de papá

One day you suddenly fall in love… And almost without noticing, you start losing your sense of direction, gravity, and the custody of your own independence.

Misión Florimón

1682. Charles II, the bewitched and the silliest of our kings (until now) needs a heir to guarantee his dinasty and prevent Crown’s possessions from falling into Louis XIV The Sun King’s hands.

A Marte Cabaret

A science fiction cabaret

A sumptuous intergalactic party takes place in a very secret room of our planet full of enigmatic characters and overflowing with lust and deviation. In order to achieve this place you have to go to Marte Cabaret, a science fiction cabaret.

What the Butler Saw

By Joe Orton

In his clinic Dr. Prentince examines the young Geraldine in a job interview. Suddenly we see like the psychiatrist is interested in something more than the job skills of this attractive secretary.

Today I can’t wake up

Mario and Colate leave their little town and move to Madrid to follow their dream, that is starting a band. The guys arrive in a culturally and socially changing city but Madrid’s welcome is cold.

Avenue Q, The Musical

Princeton, a bright-eyed college graduate, has just moved to New York as he desperately tries to follow his dreams even if he is broken. The only affordable rent for him is in the modest Avenue Q, even if his neighbours seem to be pretty nice.

Black Comedy

A Young sculptor thinks that tonight will be legendary for his artistic career: an elderly millionaire art collector is coming to view his work. Finally his work will be discovered.


What if we could stop time, control it, take the time to observe it… If we could only do that what would we do? What would we change?

Glorious, the worst singer in the world

The world first heard her voice in 1912, the year the Titanic went down. As we all know, Titanic’s tragedy was due to an iceberg; while Florence’s… there was no one able to tune her up.

Fuga (Escape)

Fuga is the story of a government minister, the Secretary for Industry, who has just resigned because of a corruption scandal that destroyed his career.


“Something you have never seen before!” is what you can read on the streets about Glow! The Show. And it is true, indeed. It doesn’t matter your age, you have never seen a show combining so many genres like Glow!


Family members are subjected to the grandfather’s order, who insists in practicing martial arts every morning, Sundays included.


YANANÁ (madness) it is an unusual theatre concert created by the clash of sounds and movements of Mayumana and the rhythm and humour of Yllana. Without words but with chords.

Hip Hop Circus

Hip Hop Circus is a mix of live music, dance and acrobatics. Street art, graffiti and different kinds of music are the basis of this show, then developing great visual sketches with rhythm and loads of street dance.


CLAXON! Is a production created by Yllana for the entertainment park where rhythm, music and magic are the main character of a fresh, original and surprising family show.

Play it again, Sam

In the original play Woody Allen plays the mail role. The show was played during 2 years in Broadway achieving an incredible success. Yllana directed the Spanish version, starred by Fele Martínez.