La Calderona will be playing at the 40th International Festival of Classical Theatre in Almagro.

The show is directed by David Ottone (Yllana) and produced by La Calderona Producciones and Pau Pau Producciones, together with the Almagro Festival and the Municipality of Mos.

“The story of La Calderona is a story about being an actress and a woman in the Golden Age, about power, ambition, love and survival, told in the style of dark comedy and hip hop, constantlytravelling in a game of mirrors that´s as baroque as is original, from the XVII to the XXI century and from the XXI to the XVII.” David Ottone.

You can enjoy La Calderona from the 21st to the 23rd of July at the Corral de Comedias in Almagro.

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