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The Best of Leo Bassi, May 16th in Lanzarote

May 16, 2015

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  • Date: May 16, 2015
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B.O.B Best of Bassi

Behind the television character who subjected us to constant provocation is a thoroughbred comic, a classic clown and an actor who continues to work in favour of distinct, explosive and sinister, provocative and fleeting comedy.

The shameless militant of an army of permanent laughter, he has turned provocation into a weapon of survival, thereby facing up to personal, almost unlimited challenges and overcoming any barrier, however impossible or unpleasant it might be.

And talking about Leo Bassi is to do so with surprise, even with a certain fear, as you never know what you are going to encounter at his ever-changing shows, always geared to the spectator; perhaps this is the key to his success.

The idea of B.O.B. (The Best of Bassi) was to put together a compilation of the best moments of his shows. And, according to the comic himself, there are times when you have to leave out certain scenes however much you like them, to be forgotten forever. Now there´s a good excuse for it.

The great jester, the heir to a long line of clowns who turned laughter into a peaceful weapon of change, is set to recall the funniest moments of all his shows for ninety minutes. This is, hence, a personal and intimate work in which he once again meets up with his own creations.

The major institutions, religions, politicians and ruling bodies should all be warned, because Leo Bassi has donned his war paint again.


“As far as I´m concerned the most important thing is for innocence to triumph over cynicism. ‘Utopia’ was about rekindling certain innocent but basic values in the audience: the struggle against racism and injustice, the fight for social equality. The most basic and standard ideals. Getting excited about these values is something even the left has almost forgotten. The intention of B.O.B ‘The Best of Leo Bassi’ is to strike at the audience´s feelings and to excite them, to show them that real feelings are possible.

What has basically changed from my origins in the circus to today is my political awareness. I had none when I was 20 years old. I was a circus performer working with my parents in the most classic shows and holding the conservative views of many young people nowadays, with no interest in politics.

I have become more radical over time. And, at the age of 61, I´m now far more radical. That´s funny, because it normally happens the other way round: Nowadays, the 20 year-old boys are the ones with the radical values and by the time they reach 50 they´ve forgotten all about it. I now feel I´m a better person, more complete and energetic. And I have the feeling that we can do things, speak out and act against injustice. I´m now a bigger buffoon than ever”.


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