Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Parla

Escuela de Teatro de Parla

The Theatre School of Parla starts a new course full of new projects and with enthusiasm. Children, young people and adults get close to the theatre world in order to live new adventures and emotions.

Our object is to develop the great potentiality of the theatre from an educative and creative point of view in order to develop ourselves and even to make a first step into the professional world. For that reason we offer regular and monographic classes and our teachers are real actors coming from the performing arts sector who believe that the theatre can be funny, entertaining and rewording also for those who want to start their artistic career.

Whatever your level or age, there is room for you. We want this school to be your school.

During the year there will be plenty of activities. To keep you updated as far as regular classes and specific courses please contact the secretary of the school or follow us on our webpage and on Facebook.

The school will start on October 2nd.

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