The hilarious chariot races will be held at the Merida’s Roman Theatre!

This summer you will be able to see an original version of Ben-Hur during the 64th Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival.

Idea and Artistic Director of Yllana: this is a new version of the classic work by Lewis Wallace written by Nancho Novo and directed by David Ottone & Juan Ramos (Yllana).

With a fresh look at the legendary character according to Yllana’s humour, with hilarious gags and a sharp text full of slapstick dialogs and a smart thinking of truth, love and gender fight.

In this show we go forward towards a gender that we call “teatromascope” which allows us to play with two different worlds: theatre and movie. The user will enjoy an epic story without losing the grandiosity of the William Wyler’s original movie. You are going to see 3D without any need of glasses!

Ben-Hur is a co-production among the Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival, Focus and Yllana with amazing performances of Eva Isanta, Agustín Jiménez, Elena Lombao and Richard Collins-Moore.

You can enjoy the show from July 4th and 8th – tickets on sale!

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