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The Opera Locos, from December 19th to January 6th in Paris (France)

4 January @ 19:00
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Un evento que tiene lugar cada 1 semana/s, comienza a la hora 7:00pm los Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday y Saturday, y se repite hasta el 5 January, 2019

Un evento que tiene lugar cada 1 semana/s, comienza a la hora 18:00 los Sunday, y se repite hasta el 6 January, 2019

Bobino, 14-20 Rue de la Gaité, París, 75014 Francia + Google Map
The Opera Locos

An unusual troupe of five eccentric opera singers are about to perform a repertoire of the greatest composers of their genre.  Throughout the show they each reveal to us their hidden passions and desires that will bring unpredictable and hilarious consequences.  It will be a night to remember! The Opera Locos is a comic opera show […]

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The Primitals, January 4th in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara)

4 January @ 19:00
Centro Cultural de Azuqueca de Henares, Av. Francisco Vives, 3, Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara 19200 España + Google Map

Yllana and Primital Bros join together to surprise you with THE PRIMITALS, a hilarious a capella musical comedy. Four indigenous persons from a planet very similar to the planet Earth go on stage ready to seduce the audience (either with laughs or knives) by overflowing them with many different genres of music that they learnt thanks to their travels out of space […]

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La Calderona, January 4th in La Solana (Ciudad Real)

4 January @ 20:30
Teatro Tomás Barrera, Avenida del Deporte c/v Avenida de la Libertad, La Solana, Ciudad Real 13240 España + Google Map
La Calderona

The bastard daughter whom nobody speak about Who was María Inés Calderón, known as the Calderona? For someone she was one of the most important Spanish stars of the 17th Century and for other people she was the most polemic lover of the king Felipe IV and mother to the recognized royal bastard Juan José […]

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Chefs, January 4th, 5th & 6th in Milan (Italy)

4 January @ 20:30
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Un evento que tiene lugar cada 1 día/s, comienza a la hora 8:30pm, y se repite hasta el 5 January, 2019

Un evento que comienza el 6 January, 2019 a la hora 16:00

Teatro Carcano, Corso di Porta Romana, 63, Milano, 20122 Italia + Google Map

The show “Chefs” is a funny way to see the fascinating world of gastronomy. The story is focused on a very prestigious chef who has lost his inspiration and has to trust a goofy team of cooks to create a spectacular and innovating recipe to maintain the stars of his restaurant. At the same time […]

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Pagagnini January 4th in Barañain (Navarra)

4 January @ 20:30
Auditorio Barañain, Calle Comunidad de Navarra, 2, Barañáin, Navarra 31010 España + Google Map

Producciones Yllana and Ara Malikian present PAGAGNINI, an innovative, non-text musical show that brings to life some of the most treasured musical pieces in the World in the key of comedy. Throughout the show, four musicians not only perform some of the greatest compositions of geniuses at the level of Mozart, Pachelbel, Chopin, Boccherini, Falla, […]

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