IMay 2018 we will premiere The Opera Locos, an International Opera Comedy show for all ages. Produced by Rami Eldar, Clece and Yllana.

Five of the most renowned and crazy opera stars have been summoned for a unique recital of all-time classics. It’s going to be a glorious night!… Or so it seems. The concert kicks off to a grand start, but soon to discover the stage is just too small to fit such large egos. The recital quickly turns into a producer’s nightmare, with unpredictable and disastrous consequences. For the audience however, it’s comedy mayhem at its best, as they sit and witness a hilarious, unrelenting clash of five, vain “prima donnas”, whose master voices lash out in life defying arias. It will be a night to remember!

The Opera Locos is based on all-time Opera classics, mixed and rearranged in a funny and original way, and the work of the physical and clownish no-text comedy of YLLANA, a well-known comic theatre company…

The Opera Locos wants to push Opera closer to the general audience in a new, fresh and original way, with high standards in technique and overall artistic discipline. The show will strive to integrate the best physical comedy with a variety of Opera numbers to create a truly spectacular experience for audiences of all ages.

The Opera Locos

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