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Nano Cabaret, December 7th in Logroño (La Rioja)

7 December, 2016

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  • Fecha: 7 December, 2016
  • Lugar OK
  • España

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Flo, is a cabaret artist, a dreamer and very naive, desperately looking for true love, one ¨true love¨ that will make her feel complete once and for all. Through this search, we enter a crazy world where we find a never-ending amount of delirious characters, fun at the same time, that will make us understand the true meaning of love.

NANO CABARET is interpreted by Natalia Calderon, an actress, composer and jazz singer and Maxi Mendía, an actor and singer. Together with David Ottone, they put a show with a hectic rhythm, full of humour and good music, made to entertain, thrill and entertain.

David Ottone of Yllana directs this crazy musical cabaret that revolves around the world of the woman and the search for true love. A show full of songs, humour and a lot of sentiments.

NANO CABARET is structured by sketches. Counts on over twelve different musical themes sung live, that goes from jazz, couplets, rap, pop and musicals that are more classic, dotted with clever monologues and crazy situations, and with enough space for a parody of musicians from the past.

In NANO CABARET they look back at the situation of women and what love means to them in our society, through the ingeniousness of words and the emotions provoked by music.


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