Don’t be primitive

Producciones Yllana joined Atresmedia under the umbrella of Crea Cultura (Building Culture) to film their latest advertising campaign against piracy. With a series of ads they aim at enhancing respect towards authors using the slogan “Is this how you’d like to pay authors? Don’t be primitive”

Yllana’s actors Juan Ramos, Fidel Fernández and Juanfran Dorado create a group of cavemen who, with humor, want to make you think about the importance of supporting those who enrich our society by producing culture that we can then so much enjoy.

The campaign presented by FesTVal of Vitoria is made up of 6 ads that will be launched one at a time.

After its premiere on September 6th you will be able to watch them on each Atresmedia television channel (Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega and Atreseries), on Digital Atresmedia ( and you will also be able to listen to them on the Atresmedia Radio. They will also be broadcasted in cinemas everywhere in Spain thanks to an agreement signed with the Spanish Cinemas Federation (FECE), the Cinemas Distributors Federation (Fedicine) and Movierecord.