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La Calderona, August 24th in Camargo (Cantabria)

24 August, 2018
Falta venta España
La Calderona

The bastard daughter whom nobody speak about Who was María Inés Calderón, known as the Calderona? For someone she was one of the most important Spanish stars of the 17th Century and for other people she was the most polemic lover of the king Felipe IV and mother to the recognized royal bastard Juan José […]

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Zoo in Madrid

24 August, 2018
|Evento recurrente (Ver todos)

Un evento que tiene lugar cada 1 semana/s, comienza a la hora 0:00 los Friday y Saturday, y se repite hasta el 8 September, 2018

Deep in the jungle, some intrepid and crazy explorers face a very silly adventure. Their mission is to capture an exotic animal that is going extinct for the ZOO of a large city. The wacky antics of the protagonists lead into a visually stunning adventure in which the apparently idyllic surroundings become a trap crawling […]

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